John Doerr Gives Stanford $1.1 Billion for Climate School

John Doerr Gives Stanford $1.1 Billion for Climate School

But some query whether or not those philanthropic investments could make a distinction with regards to a planetary disaster.

“I don’t see how giving a billion dollars to a rich university is going to move the needle on this issue in a near-term time frame,” mentioned David Callahan, creator of “The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age.” “It’s nice that he’s parting with his money, but that billion dollars could be better spent trying to move this up on the scale of public opinion. Until the public sees this as a top tier issue, politicians are not going to act.”

Arun Majumdar, who used to be named as the college’s inaugural dean and has recommended the Obama and Biden administrations on power problems, mentioned the college would offer context and research round local weather trade problems, however would forestall wanting advocacy. “We will not go into the political arena,” he mentioned. “That’s a very slippery slope for us.”

Mr. Majumdar, who recently holds a chair at Stanford named for Jay Precourt, a businessman who made his identify within the oil trade, additionally mentioned that the brand new faculty would paintings with and settle for donations from fossil gasoline firms.

“Not all oil and gas industries are on board, but there are some who are who are under pressure to diversify, otherwise they will not survive,” Mr. Majumdar mentioned. “Those that want to diversify and be part of the solutions, and they want to engage with us, we are open to that.”

Mr. Doerr mentioned he used to be first impressed to handle local weather trade in 2006, after he watched Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” together with his circle of relatives. He mentioned that, at dinner after the movie, his daughter instructed him, “Your generation created this problem. You better fix it.” The following 12 months, Mr. Gore joined Kleiner Perkins, Mr. Doerr’s project capital company.

Within the years that adopted, Kleiner Perkins made a number of main investments in blank power firms and Mr. Doerr delivered a TED Communicate titled “Salvation (and Profit) in Greentech.” However all through the monetary disaster of 2008, when the price of herbal fuel plummeted because of fracking, a lot of the ones blank power firms failed.

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