MLB News: Jose Canseco hits back at Alex Rodriguez and claims he cheated on Jennifer Lopez

MLB News: Jose Canseco hits back at Alex Rodriguez and claims he cheated on Jennifer Lopez

Main League Baseball lovers don’t fail to remember the nice competition that exists between the Cuban Jose Canseco and the Dominican-American Alex Rodriguez, who’ve had a nasty dating for a number of years after being pals. Neatly, in case any individual had forgotten their enmity, Canseco took it upon himself to remind us of it with a brand new assault in opposition to the previous Yankees’ superstar.

The Cuban took to Twitter to depart a number of messages to the New Yorker the place he accuses him of being untrue to Jennifer Lopez, to whom A-Rod used to be engaged only a few months in the past, and mocks his present dating by way of difficult him to inform his new female friend how he cheated on JLo in his own residence.

“Oh Alex your soooo predictable..I said you would date a young fitness blonde with light eyes..Kathryn Padgett..I direct messaged her on Instagram and she accepted then you found out a out it and she blocked me…looks like she is afraid of the truth like Jennifer was”, Canseco wrote on Twitter.

Accuses A-Rod of dishonest on JLo in his own residence

“Hey Alex why don’t you tell your girlfriend how you use to cheat on Jennifer with Mia in Jennifer’s own home. The truth hurts”, Canseco wrote in a thread of tweets via his account.

It’s unclear who Canseco is relating to when he talks about “Mia,” even though some lovers declare that the Cuban used to be puzzled in regards to the title and in reality intended Madison LeCroy, a truth TV superstar Rodriguez used to be related to for some time as his mistress whilst he used to be with Jennifer Lopez.

Canseco persevered along with his provocations or even dared to check his fact in opposition to Alex’s opinion: “Anytime you want to polygraph I am in”.

The previous Oakland Athletics participant persevered along with his teasing messages and made it appear to be he came upon a large number of issues in Rodriguez’s existence from mutual pals.

“Alex you forget that I introduced you to some of these girls and they still talk to me.. lol,” Canseco added.

The feud between Jose Canseco and Alex Rodriguez

Even though they’ve had a publicly recognized competition for a number of years, issues weren’t all the time adversarial between the 2 skilled baseball gamers. They have been as soon as excellent pals, however it all fell aside when rumors surfaced that Alex had slept with Canseco’s spouse a couple of a long time in the past.

“Alex and I were friends. A long time ago, he was one of my protgs. But everything changed when I found out he was having an affair with my wife Jessica, and that sparked my contempt for him and to tell everyone who A-Rod really is,” Canseco mentioned in an interview with Vlad TV.

On the time, Canseco’s fashion ex-wife Jessica additionally took to Twitter, opened a social community account and denied her ex-husband’s accusations, declaring that she maintains a friendship with Alex Rodriguez however by no means slept with him, or even claimed to be pals with Jennifer Lopez as neatly.

Canseco’s ‘messages’ via Twitter don’t seem to be new, a minimum of no longer up to now this 12 months. The Cuban has rant in opposition to Alex Rodriguez a minimum of 3 times, by which he confident that his engagement with JLo ended on account of his infidelities.

In truth, he even challenged him to a combat in a boxing ring, however Rodriguez has remained at the sidelines and has no longer replied to his former colleague’s arguable assaults.

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