Rose Namajunas believes she should have won at UFC 274: ‘I don’t see how you become the champion like that’

Rose Namajunas believes she should have won at UFC 274: ‘I don’t see how you become the champion like that’

Rose Namajunas believes she will have to nonetheless be the UFC strawweight champion.

On Saturday evening within the co-main tournament of UFC 274, Namajunas put her strawweight name at the line in a rematch with one-time champion Carla Esparza. It used to be, to place it mildly, dangerous. For 5 rounds, Namajunas and Esparza stared at each and every different in a listless combat that had the observation crew overtly poking amusing at it. In spite of everything, Esparza reclaimed the strawweight name with a break up resolution that instantly had the fanatics booing. And within the post-fight press convention, Namajunas used to be additionally none too proud of the verdict.

“I won that fight,” Namajunas stated. “I caught to the method. I felt as though I landed extra pictures. I even took her down. None of her takedowns had been important or any keep watch over time. She hit me with, I’d say one excellent punch and possibly yet again her forearm clashed into my nostril someday after we had been each status up, however rather then that, possibly a pair low kicks however I didn’t really feel them or anything else.

“I felt like I did the wear, I managed the combat, and I’m happy with myself as a result of I caught to the method. As a result of I do know that during all of Carla’s fights she baits other people in and tries to get other people to assault her, so it’s like, ‘No.’ I’ve been in slugfests sooner than, I’ve gotten my nostril broke, I’ve stood there and shed blood within the octagon, so I caught to the method and he or she didn’t truly have any offense. She used to be whiffing at air the entire time. So I assumed I received.

“I’m really still trying to process this because I’m not trying to be salty or anything. I feel like there’s something to be learned from each loss. I feel like I could maybe, there were moments where I wanted to capitalize a little bit more, be a little more offensive, but then every time I would step, my foot would slip. So I had to be a little more safe. That’s a decision I made in that moment, but like I said, I’m an exciting fighter. I’m a finisher. I’ve got one of the highest finishing rates, so I don’t think that I was getting the boos. I’m pretty sure that was Carla. Obviously I want to have exciting fights so that does kind of sting a little bit too.”

Namajunas went on to provide an explanation for precisely why she felt she deserved to get the nod, pronouncing that she did extra injury and regulated the combat together with her footwork and distance control.

“I feel like I hit her a few different times, especially an overhand right landed super clean,” Namajunas stated. “I’ll have to go back and watch it but I do remember landing nice uppercuts, and even some of the punches that weren’t super solid but were just keeping her at bay, making contact, I felt like I was not just making the damage but controlling the fight. But I’ve still got to ruminate over this a little bit because I hate sounding like this. I hate sounding salty because I lost, you know what I mean? F***. But at the same time, it’s just what makes sense to me right now.”

Formally, Namajunas did out-land Esparza through a depend of 37-30, connecting on 27 p.c of her important moves. On the other hand, She additionally gave as much as takedowns and a few temporary again keep watch over, and in a combat with so little to attain, that proved to be sufficient. It undoubtedly used to be for pass judgement on Rick Wintry weather who scored the bout 49-46 for Esparza, a ranking that Namajunas doesn’t perceive.

“That’s surprising,” Namajunas stated. “I thought, okay, maybe, [but] I don’t know what you can even count. The low kicks maybe but the low kicks weren’t even hurting me. They really didn’t do anything. The takedown maybe. Maybe all her attempts but I stuffed all of those. I don’t know how many times she tried to grab me but really, I don’t get no credit for good defense? I think maybe the judges just wanted to see a slugfest like it was in previous fights or something so they weren’t appreciative of good strategy, but like I said, I’m always in exciting fights. I can’t have a strategic fight? I’ve got to f*** up this face? No. F*** that.”

Sadly for Namajunas, technique and protection don’t seem to be precise scoring standards below the unified laws and so, “Thug Rose” now reveals herself down 0-2 to Esparza. And up to she respects Esparza as a fighter, it’s transparent that Namajunas isn’t proud of having misplaced her name on this model.

“Carla, I really respect what she does in there, but at the same time, only so much to the point where I don’t see how you become the champion like that,” Namajunas stated. “But like I said, I hate sounding salty.”

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