The most controversial moments of Amber Heard's testimony

The most controversial moments of Amber Heard’s testimony

Amber Heard testified for 2 days in Johnny Depp’s libel lawsuit towards her this week. Heard’s testimony follows that of a number of different witnesses, together with Depp, who testified for 4 days ultimate month.

Heard claimed Depp hit and abused her a lot of occasions whilst at the stand, and her testimony used to be incessantly graphic. She additionally mentioned how they met and the way their courting advanced. The next are one of the vital maximum stunning moments from her testimony so far.

When Amber met Johnny

Heard claimed she had long past to Depp’s administrative center to audition for a movie he used to be generating, however it grew to become out to be an extended assembly the place they bonded over books, track, and poetry.

She discovered it odd as a result of, whilst she wasn’t a “fan” of Depp, she known him as some of the global’s most renowned actors. “So, it was already a weird thing to go and get called in his office. I’m a no-name actor,” she “I was 22, I think. I thought it was unusual. It was weird because he was twice my age and world-famous actor and here we are getting along about obscure books and old blues. I thought it was remarkable. I thought it was usual and remarkable. I left there feeling like, wow.”

The bruises on Amber’s arm

In court docket, a photograph of a bruise on Heard’s arm used to be proven, and she or he described the incident that allegedly led to it, alleging that Depp slapped her and that strolling away “made things worse.”

“We got into a shouting match. And he kind of did this thing with his body where I could tell he was going to hit me again,” she stated. Heard claimed she picked up a vase and hurled it at Depp.

“And I actually managed to get away before he got me. He grabbed me by the arm and he kind of held me on the floor screaming at me. I don’t remember how many times he hit me in the face, but I remember being on the floor of my apartment and I’m just — I remember thinking how could this happen to me again?” she stated.

She painted Depp in a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde gentle

“And that other thing was awful, awful thing that would come out and take over and it was you couldn’t see the Johnny I loved underneath it,” Heard stated.

Depp, she claimed, would go out in his personal vomit, lose regulate of his frame, and feature others blank up after him, together with her. The actress added that Depp would “get clean and sober” earlier than returning to creating her really feel cherished another time. Heard regarded as leaving Depp, however used to be not able to.

Depp allegedly threatened to kill her

Heard claims that all through a circle of relatives holiday on a yacht, Depp believed she informed his youngsters that he used to be “a drunk,” which ended in a bodily altercation and Depp threatening to “f***ing kill” her.

Heard said that she and Depp’s daughter, Lily Rose, had no longer mentioned Depp’s consuming. However, he accused her of it and was enraged.

Heard alleged Depp did a “cavity search” on her searching for cocaine

Depp allegedly ripped off her garments and performed a “cavity search” of her frame, consistent with Heard, who seemed visibly disgusted. He used to be allegedly searching for his cocaine, consistent with her.

“I was wondering how I, somebody who didn’t do cocaine and was against it – that was in and of itself causing problems in our relationship – how could I hide, why would I hide his drugs from him?” she stated. “Like, he was insinuating that I was doing it or something? It made no sense. And he was telling me, we’re going to conduct a cavity search. Like, just shoved his fingers inside me. I just – I just stood there staring at this light. I just stood there, while he did that.”

Amber Heard discussed a couple of abuses

Heard detailed a number of incidents during which she claimed Depp had bodily abused her, with a few of her testimony turning into graphic. He allegedly again and again punched the again of her head, screaming “I f***ing hate you” over and over again.

Depp allegedly grabbed her once more and endured to hit her head and combat her to the bottom, consistent with Heard.

“I mean, it felt to me I didn’t even have a fair shot because I wasn’t even really I wasn’t facing him or looking at him I was walking away from him. Or else, I would’ve at this point – I would’ve tried to defend myself more, but I didn’t,” she stated.

The trial of Heard will resume on Monday, Might 16. Depp’s attorneys have no longer but performed a cross-examination of her.

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